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We are proud to use local and regional produce in our offerings. We offer Carrabassett Coffee from Kingfield Maine, Maple Syrup from Spring Break located in Smyrna Mills, and the list goes on and on.


We serve a home crafted breakfast prepared by Michelle that features a fruit course made with fresh seasonal fruit and an entree.  We offer one entree a day and alternate a sweet entree one day and a savory the next.

Breakfast is served in our sun porch each morning at 8 a.m. and 9:00 a.m seatings. Sign-up for the seated breakfast is required the night before.  We are limiting the number people in each seating due to COVID-19 state restrictions.   Due to COVID-19 restrictions we have 5 2- person tables available spaced 6 feet apart inside on the sunporch/breakfast room.  On good weather days are also offer 3 2-person tables on the front porch.

If we are notified in advance we are able to accommodate SOME dietary restrictions and allergies.  We are a small mom & pop business and some restrictions, allergies and personal diets may be beyond our capacity to accommodate. 

If you know that you will not be joining us for breakfast please let us know in advance so that we do not waste any food.  


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