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2022 Season COVID-19 Policies -  Updated as of 01/01/2022

Per updated guidance from the U.S. CDC, persons in counties with “substantial” or “high” levels of COVID-19 community transmission are advised to wear face coverings in public indoor settings. Hancock County is now rated as substantial and therefore masks are advised.  As such, we will continue to require mask wearing at all times within our inn.  

You will be required to wear a mask at check-in time and in the common rooms (these include the hallways, parlor, library and breakfast room/sunporch (when not eating)) AT ALL TIMES within our B&B. We require masks for the health and safety of all of our guests, our family and our staff.  This is not only our business but our family home as well. Please travel with masks as many stores and restaurants also required masks in Bar Harbor and throughout Maine.  

Please also note that ACADIA NATIONAL PARK is requiring staff and visitors to wear masks in buildings owned and operated by the federal government and has reduced building occupancies.  

Maine no longer requires proof of a negative test or quarantine for travelers to the state.  

Lodging Guidelines are an ever evolving topic.  PLEASE check back with us closer to the time of your arrival so that we can best provide you with guidance on the guidelines that will apply to your visit. 

Breakfast Service:

We love breakfast and we love cooking for you, our guests.

To accommodate COVID-19 requirements we will be doing breakfast in 2 seatings at 2-person tables spaced 6ft apart. A 8am seating and a 9am seating.  You will be asked to sign up for a time slot the night before. This allows Eric to be able to serve everyone in the breakfast room at the same time. Dishes will only be cleared after you have left the breakfast room. This will give us time to clear tables and sanitize them before the next seating. This will reduce the number of people that we can served at a time and you will need to sign up for a time slot. We are also offering a bagged To-Go breakfast so those of you that want to start your day in Acadia or who do not feel comfortable eating in a common dining room.


We are required to make changes to minimize person to person contact. Such things as our glass milk jugs we have used for years have been replaced with individual mini-cup creamers, individual sugar packets, etc. Anyone that has stayed with us before will know that we have been making changes over the years to reduce our plastic use, recyclables, and our trash. We have taken the pledge with our local Climate to Thrive. This pledge commits us to reducing our carbon footprint on this island. But at this time we have to think about your health and safety.


Afternoon Tea:

Our second favorite eating time of the day. In the foreseeable future we will not be able to do our usual spread with cookies, muffins, beloved Rum Balls, and homemade lemonade. We are individually wrapping up the Cookie of the Day and leaving them out for you in the sunporch/breakfast room for you to partake.



In accordance with the CDC guidelines and Loding Professional Associations (i.e. AHLA)  we will not do doing daily housekeeping unless specifically requested by the guest. This is to protect you from contamination from our staff but also to protect our staff from unnecessary exposure. Don't want room service but need a towel refresh? No problem...We will leave whatever you need refreshed outside of your door.


If you have stayed with us before you know that cleaning was already a HUGE part of daily life around here. We have really high standards of cleanliness. But will continue to step up the disinfection of high touch areas such as knobs, switches, handrails, coffee and water dispensers.

  • Extra pillows and blankets stored in the guest room closets will be removed and available upon guest request

  • Specific sanitation consideration will be paid to the following guest room areas: Desks, countertops, tables, and chairs, TVs, cable boxes and remotes (where applicable) Thermostats, Cabinetry pulls and hardware Doors and doorknobs, Bathroom vanities and accessories Bathroom, fixtures and hardware Windows, mirrors, and frames, Lights and lighting controls, Closets, hangers, and other amenities

  • We have “Trash Areas” located on the first and second floors that we will ask you to drop your dirty linens, trash, recycling, and dirty dishes that you had in your room. This way your room is cleared of all dirty items.

  • We will provide you a card to fill out on a daily basis of what items you need restocked for your room. We will leave these items in a bag outside of your door.


We have hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes located around the inn for your use.


All paper items such as magazines, newspapers, guest books have been removed from guest rooms. 


We will continually monitoring new and evolving cleaning methods as outlined by the Maine CDC, federal CDC and our hospitality professional associations that we are members of.


Check-in/Check-out Times

In Order to ensure that guest rooms and the common rooms are cleaned to the highest standards check-in times will be between 3:00pm-6:00pm. We will not be able to accommodate ANY early check-ins.  Late arrivals must make arrangements ahead of time. 

  • Only registered guests will be allowed in the inn. The front door will be locked at all times and you will be required to use a key to enter the inn.

  • Check-out will be strictly adhered to ensure we have suffient time to clean and santize the room from the next guest.

  • We will be unable to hold/store luggage for guests.


Local Restaurants


Local Restaurants are open for both indoor eating and out dining in most cases. Check out this website to get up to date information on your favorite restaurant.




Bike rentals, kayaking tour groups, Acadia tours, Nature cruises are all up and running. Of course with modifications to ensure your health and safety. Please Check out Bar Harbor Chambor of Commerce for more ideas for your vacation and to find links to your favorite excursion.


Other COVID-19 information

  • You will be required to wear a mask upon entering the Holbrook House and in any public/common area. We ask that you please abide by this in order to ensure the health and safety of your fellow guests. You never know who around you is vulnerable to this illness. If you are unwilling to wear a mask we will refuse you entry.

  • We ask that you stay home if you feel ill for any reason including have a fever, have been exposed to COVID-19, someone in your direct family has, or has been exposed to, COVID-19. We ask this as a home based business like ours we have close contact with our guests. If either Eric or I get sick from COVID-19 it will be a huge financial blow to us. This is not only our home but our sole source of income. We have several people in our family who are part of the vulnerable population and we are trying to find a balance between opening our B&B and ensuring the our health and that of our loved ones who depend on us.

  • We will place stations of hand sanitizer and/or sanitizing wipes around the inn, especially by front door. Please use these prior to your use and after you touch something to protect the person behind you.

  • We not not have central A/C or heat. Each room has their own individual A/C unit, and either baseboard hot water heat or individual heat pumps and windows in each room to get fresh air. Thereby reducing your exposure to recirculated air.

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