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Our new sleep products were created with natural sleep-inducing ingredients to help users drift off easily and sleep softly all night. To create a relaxing sleep environment at home, spritz the linen spray on the pillowcase, then light the candle and listen to our specially curated sleep playlist. The SLEEP BY COMPHY kit contains a Candle, Bath Salts, and Linen Spray, plus a Comphy pillowcase and sleep playlist, enclosed in a simple black cloth bag.

Each kit contains:• 4 oz Bath Salts• 4 oz Candle• 80 ml Linen Spray• Comphy Pillowcase • Sleep Playlist


SHIPPING: This item is drop shipped directly from Comphy Sheet Company. We will alert you if there is any delay. Items usually ship out in 1-2 weeks.

Sleep Kit

SKU: 36523641234523
  • Optimal burning time for the SLEEP by Comphy candle is in 4 hour increments.




  • The Comphy scent is comprised of lavender, bergamot, and vanilla. 

    Each kit contains:

    • 4 oz Bath Salts

    • 4 oz Candle

    • 80 ml Linen Spray

    • Comphy Pillowcase 

    • Sleep Playlist

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